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    when fitting the new capacitors I removed C948 by mistake and put it to one side while I put in all the new kit capacitors, got interupted and now somehow I’ve lost it and I don’t even know what the value of it is, can you help me out I’m happy to buy one from you if you have it,
    thanks in advance, Brad

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    Hi Brad,

    Stuff just disappears sometimes, lost a TV Back once never did turn up again, 42″ as well? The lost cap is one of four smoothing the 24 volt LT Rail designated C948 it is a Radial Lead Aluminium electrolytic Capacitor value 1000 uF @ 35 volt at 105C, here’s a link to ours:

    1000 uF @ 35 Volt

    Get back to me here if you have any problems when you run the TV up



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