• Gareth Watts
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    Not all the capacitors supplied in the kit look like they have failed on my board, do I need to replace them anyway or can some be left “as is”,



  • tech support
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    Hi Gaz,

    you say “look” , are you just going by whether they are not Domed at the top or Leaking as confirmation that they are good ? These visual signs of failure can save time when assessing a Board and while a Domed or Leaky Capacitor will almost certainly have failed I’m afraid that it does not follow that if a Capacitor shows neither sign of failure it will be good. The Capacitors supplied with the Repair Kit have been carefully selected as commonly failing components for this Power Supply Module, and even if currently still working within tolerance they are a weak point and may fail in the future or even within a short period of time. I would recommend changing all the Capacitors supplied with the Repair Kit in one fell swoop to provide the best chance of a sustained and reliable repair,



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