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    fitted the caps in the kit, CM 852 1000uf 35v was leaking badly the bottom with the top domed upwards, will this replacement last any better than the factory original, the original has only lasted about three and a half years from new, TV is running good now, expected to need support or help on this but it went easier than I thought it would, good kit thanks


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    Hi Raj,

    congratulations on your successful repair, your image is typical of what you need to look for with failed capacitors. Regarding the life span of your repair, we use 5000 hours life rated capacitors which we would expect to last the lifetime of the average TV, but ambient operating temperature and a host of other influencing factors effect the overall lifespan. Here are a couple of links to technical explanations of capacitor life expectancy if you want to full understand all the ins and outs,





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