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G’day George,
What a great explanation, I have a much better understanding now. Thanks
So to attempt a fix of a suspect solder joint, you would put the iron on it to re-heat it?? or would you recommend de-soldering and put new solder in?
I haven’t got freeze spray yet. I did look for 10w resistors, the problem there is not enough height from the board to the back cover 10w packages 50mm high – the 5w only 25mm high, the inline packages don’t look like the leads are long enough to bring back to place on circuit board. anyways contemplating here.
I did run tv again today, run for an hour then to clicking and wouldn’t run again (without clicking) So yes thermal issue thanks. Thanks for links and manual I will digest these while waiting for kit. After looking at that vid, I wonder if resistor next to diode near voltage reg, (a shunt -guessing?) may be suspect.
Anyway thank you for your help and have a good weekend, sound like it will be a good one there.
Here anything under 20 degrees is cold for me!! and we’re just starting to get day times a bit warmer than that, so it’ll be good weather till end of year when we get about 1 month of too hot! lol we have a whinge each way!!
Thanks again