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G’day George,
Thanks for the marks! lol
I will get some freeze spray and try that – which components? the power resistors I guess, altho I did replace them. I was wondering if putting 10watt 22 ohm power resistors in instead of the 5 watt 22 ohm may help??

Something that may or may not be relevant for you – I replaced the regulator and diode first time, the 22ohm power resistors tested ok (cold) so I left them, and the tv would run for 15 mins to an hour and go to stand-by, after 3 or so times of this, then it would start clicking in stand-by….. SO I replaced the power resistors and then the tv looked fixed, I had about 4 lots of 3 hours plus running and then the next day it run for only 20 minutes and then went to stand-by, then come back on, then off, back on and then off and clicking. I noticed the red stand-by light faded out these times, didn’t go off instantly. After this the tv would only do the clicking. That same arvo, I put a fan on the back of the tv to no avail, wouldn’t come on, just clicking This is where I’m up to in testing.

I’ll check over the soldering, I usually get a shiny wetted joint. Is the factory soldering suspect?

Thanks for your help