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IC 16502 is the controller for the 30F131’s (Q401/2/3) and can be responsible for the failure of them, if not the cause of the problem it has at least been shunted with the short circuit devices and abused a little since the Board failed and is quite likely to be the current cause of the recurring failure. If you replace the complete SC Board you are reasonably certain to lose the problem with the old Board. A second cause for failure on these hard working Boards is loose and poor solder joints on both the heavier wound components and the DAF30A’s / 30F131’s.
If you go for the replacement Board match the TNPA string down to the last two characters BG/AG/BH/SC, if you decide to try again I can arrange a good reduction on whatever components you need replacing, and offer you some support to tackle the small IC16502 and Q531 replacement, also I can supply a service Manual (pdf) covering this Board if the would be of any help,